Fall 2006   Nathan Jenden has an impressive résumé: educated at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art; work experience with John Galliano and Daryl K; creative director at Diane von Furstenberg. None of that, though, could have prepared him for February 10, 2006—the day that Jenden's wife gave birth to a son on the morning of his solo debut. .............read full review on www.style.com
Spring 2007   In creating his second solo collection, Nathan Jenden drew upon many ideas, including, "Spring, unfurling, the lightness and airiness of insects that fly. And rolling out of bed. I love the idea of waking up after a party in a couture dress."............read full review on www.style.com
Fall 2007   Perhaps with a little joke at his own expense, Nathan Jenden named his collection Gatecrasher—an apt title for a New Yorker who¿s just shown up at the young-designer party in London............read full review on www.style.com
Spring 2008   London roots don't get much root-ier than Nathan Jenden's self-described "son of a genuine Cockney."............read full review on www.style.com
Fall 2008   Loyalty might be the one human trait that trumps all others, so the sight of Diane von Furstenberg in the front row of her right-hand man Nathan Jenden's solo show was positively heartwarming.............read full review on www.style.com
Spring 2009   Nathan Jenden's invitation announcing "I Want Candy" in appropriately gaudy colors triggered a distant memory of Bow Wow Wow's cover version of the song of that name.............read full review on www.style.com
Fall 2009   The show was called "Frostbite," an oblique reference, perhaps, to the collection's chilly dominatrix edge, like Robert Palmer's video vixens filed to a much sharper point.............read full review on www.style.com
Spring 2010   For the first collection of his Life After DVF (she was front-row center, in the show of support that typified their relationship),Nathan Jenden imagined "church ladies in the jungle ............read full review on www.style.com
Fall 2010   Nathan Jenden goes two ways: night or day. He's either showing something dark and gothic or he's pumping up the volume with flashes of color. Maybe it's seasonal............read full review on www.style.com

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